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Are you bored by events where they serve the usual predictable selection of wines, red, white and sparkling? Or perhaps even serve you a watery Whiskey Sour? 


We can help with extraordinary, high quality, delicious cocktails - from the classics to specifically developed "crowd pleasers". We deliver the pre-batched cocktail in litre bottles or in keg barrels, provide the required garnishes and instruct the service personnel in less than ten minutes how to serve the drinks. There is no need for fully trained bartenders, no long waiting times for elaboratley prepared and mixed drinks, and you can enjoy more time with your guests.    



To promote your customer's brand, we can provide pre-bottled drinks in attractive miniature bottles. We cover all aspects from a tailored flavour profile to specifically developed labels to meet your and your customer's requirements.


We have for instance developed and bottled scented cocktails for a renowned perfume brand as part of a promotion project.


You would like to extend your offering with extraordinary high-quality cocktails without having to burden your inventory with additional expensive and often quickly perishable ingredients? You don't have experienced and well trained bartenders on your team? We have the solution for you: we deliver pre-bottled cocktails, including the required garnishes, and instruct your service personnel in virtually no time how to serve the perfect cocktail. 

We enable you to provide food, beverages and delicious exclusive cocktails, all without any additional investment.

Feines Restaurant


Whether in hotels, clubs or restaurants - well trained and experienced bartenders are hard to find, to keep and to afford. With our concept, we can provide your business with classic cocktails as well as extraordinary, high-quality proprietary creations. Being pre-bottled, you only need to pour the drink and add the garnish we provide to you. 

Increase your turnover while providing your guests with an unforgettable, delicious experience - without any investment or additional fixed costs. We would love to understand your individual requirements and develop a cocktail program tailored to your needs.