FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Best before...

Our alcoholic cocktails do not expire due to the alcohol content. We do however recommend to keep the cocktails refrigerated and consume them within three weeks for best quality. The non-alcoholic cocktails do not contain any preserving agents (some alocoholic cocktails contain sulphites due to the wine / vermouth included) and must be stored in the fridge and consumed within one week. 


In Frankfurt and Offenbach, we deliver personally from Tuesday to Saturday between 6pm and 8pm. We cannot commit to a certain time within that time window as this will always depend on the number of orders received on that day, the route and traffic. For the rest of Germany, we deliver using DHL. We dispatch Tuesday to Thursday, and DHL typically delivers within 1-2 days, dependent on what they had for breakfast... Drinks are being delivered with temperature control, the cooling packs typically last for 2 days. In any case, order until 2pm on our dispatch days and we will dispatch the same day, and deliver in Frankfurt and Offenbach respectively.  

Events and more

Our cocktails are ideal for events of all sizes - as they just need to be poured and if desired garnished, any service staff can serve a cocktail within seconds. Your guests won't have to wait at the bar until they finally get their drink - instead they will enjoy the event. For a tailored proposal for orders or more than 15 liters, please contact us. 


We only use high quality ingredients, including fresh fruit and quality brand spirits. That includes some of the high volume brands such as Tanqueray, Maker's Mark and Stolichnaya as well as outstanding niche brands such as Freimeisterkollektiv, Ferdinand's, Mayaciel and Vallendar. A whole range of ingredients such as syrups, shrubs, extracts, ferments, etc. are being produced by us manually as we often cannot commercially source the product at the quality levels we demand. 

Serving Recommendations

In our shop, you will find serving recommendations for each cocktail as part of the product description. For most drinks, you will also find a brief video explaining the style of the drink and how to best serve it. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to raise them in the forum or email us.