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Jens (links) und Sven

Photo Credit: Juliane Lachenmann, 2020

Sven Riebel has been bartending for 18 years and can proudly list names such as the Victoria Bar, Lebensstern (Berlin) and the Gekkos Bar (Frankfurt) on his CV. 5 years ago, Sven opened his own bar SEVEN SWANS & THE TINY CUP, probably the smallest and most intimate cocktail bar in Germany. He was nominated several times as one of the top ten bar hosts as part of the Mixology Bar Awards, his bar won the Award as Best New Bar in 2016 and he was nominated and won awards by numerous other bodies. His name is well known in the service industry, in Germany and beyond, and he is often being used as a consultant by the beverage and spirits industry as well as a juror for leading competitions, such as the World Class.


Jens Seidl is a part-time bartender out of passion and developed the NighthawksFFM concept two years ago. Once a month, he is presenting a new, specially developed menu and enjoys an evening "behind the stick" as a guest bartender at the SEVEN SWANS & THE TINY CUP . As part of that concept, he is constantly developing new cocktail recipes, many of which as high quality pre-bottled / pre-batched cocktails.

In 2019, Sven and Jens jointly founded the NighthawksFFM GmbH with the intention to use their ideas and concepts to revolutionise the way cocktail catering is currently done.


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