Bacardi 8 años / Lime / Honey and

Bacardi 8 años / Lime / Mascobado Sugar / Freimeisterkollektiv Mint


2 bottles containing 0.2 Liters each (equivalent of four drinks). We offer these drinks in small bottles as we strongly recommend to consume them within 1-2 days (as the lime otherwise gets more aggressive and bitter over time).


16.0% vol (Airmail), and 18.6% vol (New C-u-ban) respectively.


Two classic Champagne Cocktails based on rum. Shake the bottle, pour into a champagne glass and top with sparkling wine (about equal ratios, or less champagne if you like it boozier).

Optionally, you can order champagne from our website, too.


By the way, we had to write the name like this because PayPal would block these orders otherwise, thinking we were selling Cuban contraband...

Airmail / New C-u-ban